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Hi thanks for showing an interest in our Trade-in and Swap, you should be congratulated on wanting to do the right thing by the environment in finding a new home for your pre-loved one.  This is an innovation that has been born out of our commitment to slow fashion and a service that we provide to our Jessie Sue Crew members in Australia, unfortunately because of the logistics it is not possible for our overseas crew members to sell on this platform.

To make this work for everyone there are a few simple rules and we have your questions answered:


What can I list for sale in the pre-loved collection?

Quality is everything at Jessie Sue and we want our pre-loved collection to be no different and we won't accept any listing for cheap fast fashion, we are here to help you find a home for quality designed fashion only.  We don't intend to complicate things by listing the good and the bad brand names of fashion, but ask you to consider these questions before submitting your listing for approval.

  1. Does it still have a new look appeal?
  2. Is it in good order, no marks, split seams, missing buttons etc?
  3. Is it a reputable designer brand?
  4. Would I be impressed if I was receiving this?

What price should I ask?

It's up to you how much you ask to your quality pre-loved one, but the price should be reasonable in comparison to what you paid and how many wears.  A recent review we conducted suggests most people think 30-40% of the RRP is a fair price for an item in good condition.

What information do  you need?

We need at least 2 jpg images as a minimum preferable front and back but you can submit up to six images.  Recommended image size is 2048px by 2048px, larger images are acceptable up to a maximum of 20MB.  Images showing you wearing the item work better and if you are wanting to remain discrete you can do the trendy half a head shot, alternatively layout the piece out on a plain white sheet, or take some shots on the hanger.  We will also need a  description from you, ideally more than a few lines, we have put together some ideas on what to include:

  • Size 
  • Colour
  • Material that its made from
  • Brand name
  • Feature of the item, describe the sleeves, neckline, belt, how it falls anything that stands out to you as special about it, images don't convey everything and even if you think its obvious a description always helps.
  • A personal note, nothing too personal maybe what attracted you to it when you brought it, what type of occasions you have worn it to, how it feels comfy, well fitted, etc.
  • Most importantly the condition, we won't accept anything not in good condition but maybe you may need to justify a higher price for something that's only been worn once.
  • Care instructions - even suggested care instructions on how you have look after this piece.

We will write the listing description for you, but we do need as much info as you can supply.

How many items can I list?

Jessie Sue Crew members are limited to listing one-pre-loved item at any one time, once sold we will accept a second listing.  If your listing hasn't sold within a month, you can re-submit another item to replace it if you like. 

What happens when my pre-loved one sells and who pays for postage?

Jessie Sue will pay for Express postage to any address in Australia if you choose  a Trade-in credit.  If you are wanting a Swap credit we will provide you with a postage paid label but the cost of the postage will be deducted from your credit.  We will notify you once we have sold your pre-loved one and provide you with a pre-paid postage label, you will also be asked at this point to decide which type of credit you would like.

It is expected when you list the item for sale, that it is ready to be posted at notice.  This means carefully laundered and you will need to have a protective postage satchel ready to attach the label to that will not exceed the 500g  postage limit. Take a look at Australia Post, they have a range of satchels costing only $2.50-$4.50 for 10 depending on which size you need. If your item is heavier than 500g you will need to let us know at the time of listing.  We will pay the cost of $11.95 for up to 500g and you will incur the extra postage cost above this amount which will be deducted from your credit. . 


What is the difference between a Trade-in and Swap Credit? 

If you choose a Trade-in credit you will receive the full sale price of your pre-loved one as a credit to use on anything in store, including sale items,  however you cannot use a Trade-in credit to purchase other pre-loved clothing this is what we call a Swap.  If you choose the Trade-in option we will pay for the postage of your item to it's new home in Australia.

If you choose a Swap credit you will receive the full sale price reduced by $11.95 postage charge.  There is no limit to our Swap credit and you can use this to purchase other crew member's pre-loved ones, essentially swapping clothes with other like minded women. 

How long will it take to arrive?

Whilst you order will be posted Express at Jessie Sue's expense for Trade-in, please be conscious that your order is being posted by another Jessie Sue Crew member, who may not be able to get to the post office the next day as we do.  We expect that crew members will post the item within 3 working days of receiving the postage paid label from us. and you can expect the Express service to start from this time.  We reserve the right to refund customers and cancel the sale if the item is not posted within this time frame.

When do I get my Trade-in or Swap Credit?

Once we have confirmation that your item has arrived safely, we will promptly issue you your choice of credit.  

Are returns available on items purchased from the Pre-Loved collection?

Our return policy on our pre-loved collection will be the same as our sale collection and purchases will be final.  We trust that working with our Jessie Sue crew that our members will value this service and accurately describe their listings to avoid any disappointment, we will assist in any mediation should any disputes arise.

Do I get still get Free Express Shipping on my new purchase?

Yes, for Trade-in credits we will pay for both the postage of your pre-loved one and postage of your new love.

How long will be credit be valid for?

There is no expiry date on either our Trade-in or Swap credit, you can choose to use it whenever you want.

How do I join the Crew?

You can sign up on our home page or at the bottom of any page on our site.

Where do I send my listing?

Send your description and images to:

with a subject heading of Pre-loved listing

We will send you confirmation once your listing is live.