Murkani Jewellery is lovingly made from precious metals and semi-precious stones and as with all precious things need to be handled with care.  Sterling silver jewellery is known to tarnish over time, but with proper care, your precious metal will retain it's beauty and shine.  Enhancing the life of your Murkani Jewellery can be done by following these simple steps.

  • Avoid contact with all liquids and chemicals, such as perfume, sea water,sweat and chlorine.  Contact with these substances will increase the rate at which tarnishing occurs.
  • Ensure your jewellery is not stored in direct sunlight and is not exposed to humidity.
  • Store you jewellery in the Murkani pouch provided when you purchased your piece.  This will protect it from scratches as well as help slow the tarnishing process (see below).  To further reduce the tarnishing effect, we recommend storing your silver jewellery in plastic zip lock bags to avoid contact with the air.
  • Silver tarnishes when it is exposed to the air.  This process is called Oxidization and results in a tarnishing effect on silver which is Silver Sulphate.  This tarnishing effect can be removed easily by buffing with a silver jewellery cloth or using a silver cleaning product like Goddard's Silver Cleaner.
  • Care on the Petite Hoop Earrings can be found below.
  • As Murkani jewellery is handcrafted you can expect some slight variance in individual pieces, which will only add to the beauty of the silver.


Murkani Jewellery is designed to fit most people of a medium build, you will find specific measurements for each jewellery piece within the product description.

Ring Sizes

Size Inner Diameter Circumference
6 16.5 mm 51.8 mm
7 17.3 mm 54.4 mm
8 18.1 mm 56.9 mm

Sensitive Ears

Murkani drop earrings use sterling silver hooks and are safe and comfortable for your ears.  All hooks are nickel free.

Petite Hoop Earrings - How to open

Murkani Petite Hoop Earrings are also known as ‘huggie’ earrings. This type of earring has a hinge at the bottom that allows the whole earring to open up, thus making it easier for you to put on. The huggie earrings are preferred for their clean look and the possibility to create very small hoop earrings that will hug the ear. 

If you’re owning your first pair of huggie earrings, it can be a little bit tricky at the beginning, but here’s a few steps you can follow to ensure that you’re handling them the right way. Don’t worry! It’s very easy and will become a habit with time. 


How to open your hedged huggie earrings

1. Hold the earring in your right hand between your thumb & forefinger (stones facing towards your right hand).

2. With your left thumb nail, press down the opening (where the post meets the ring, top left of the ring) and your left forefinger supporting the base of the ring.


1. Once the post is inserted into your ear, use two fingers to hold the front of the earring.

2. Using your other hand (forefinger on top and thumb supporting the base), press on the back of the earring until you hear a clicking sound.