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I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
Edward Everett Hale 


Our ethos at Jessie Sue is that when you look good you feel good, and when you’re wearing ethical and sustainable fashion, you’ll feel good on the inside too!

Ethical and sustainable fashion has evolved out of the need for change, fast fashion has taken toll on our environment and its workers.  Ethical and sustainable fashion is not about one issue, but more a concentrated effort to right the wrongs of the past in the fashion industry.

Ethical fashion encompasses the standard of working conditions, paying a living wage and meeting a countries labor laws, making sure no child or individual is exploited.  It considers the implication on not only the workers but their communities.

Sustainable fashion is a combination of the fabric and the use of hazardous chemicals and the resulted pollution and the impact production has on our environment.   Cotton provides much of the world’s fabric but growing it subjects the world to environmental issues with the need for insecticides and chemicals and a large water supply.  Sustainable Fashion is primarily focused on limiting the effect on the environment through the sourcing of fabrics, taking into considerationn production methods and how the product is packaged. 

The phrase  "buy cheap buy often" sums it up when your talking about fast fashion.  Low cost clothes mean that less and less money goes to the people who actually make them.  Low cost, poorly produced clothes result in clothes not lasting long and, in most cases, ending up for landfill putting further pressure on our environment.  At Jessie Sue were all about slow Fashion, our selection of hand-picked designs from our Australian Designers are based on high quality classic wardrobe staples that will not only last in terms of their production but will withstand trends as they come and go. 

We have an eco friendly approach to running our business – all orders are posted in re usable @betterpackagingco compost packs and sent via free express shipping in Australia and free standard shipping worldwide on orders over $150 ($25 flat rate shipping for international orders below $150). Garments are sent in any original brands packaging they’re received in, wrapped in recycled tissue paper with love and care and our business cards/thank you cards are printed on recycled card.  Murkani Jewellery is sent direct from Murkani with Free Standard Shipping in Australia.  For more info on shipping see our shipping & returns page.  At our Pop-Up stores, we use brown kraft paper bags made from high strength recyclable and biodegradable paper. 

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To be 100% ethical or sustainable is like being 100% perfect and not practical on many different levels but a concentrated effort to work towards improvement is a step in the right direction and these Australian designers are amongst others in the Fashion Industry doing their bit for our future.

Before Anyone Else

In their passion for slow fashion Before Anyone Else produce small runs with a focus on sustainable and ethically made clothing, offering modern cuts and creating beautiful timeless pieces. Sourcing high quality raw materials BAE ensure the longevity of their designs. Before Anyone Else do not work with synthetic fabrics and are plastic free. The natural fabrics BAE selects are environmentally sustainable and renewable

Dr Denim

Dr Denim is a responsible business working within the BSCI code of conduct, ensuring a commitment to fair remuneration, working hours and the safety of those involved in its manufacturing and the protection of the environment.  Conducting an ethical business behavior they are increasing the percentage of sustainable materials in their designs, such as organic cotton, dead stock materials and non-cotton fibres made from plant fibres.  They aim to use 95% sustainable contents by the year 2020.  

 Elka Collective

Elka is taking a realistic approach focusing on its commitment and changes needed to contribute to an ethical and transparent fashion industry, and participate in the annual Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report.  They have implemented a Code of Conduct for all their supplier and manufacturers to ensure a safe and fair working environment for all workers involved in the production of their beautiful designs.

 Lune Resort

Lune Resort is an australian ethical and sustainable women’s wear fashion brand. Focusing on small collections with a principal focus on slow and considered fashion, ensuring a minimal footprint and creating pieces that will last a lifetime.  Supporting local communities in Indonesia, ensuring fabrics are ethically sourced and focusing on ethical working conditions are a priority for Lune Resort.  Each silhouette is handmade with care using 100% linens and cottons. 


Our new collection Murkani Jewellery has been founded to compliment the Jessie Sue wardrobe, because every outfit deserves a little sparkle.  We are proud to bring you the works of Australian designer Kiralee McNamara, the name behind Murkani who supports our ethos for sustainability, creating long wearing pieces from natural materials, reducing the impact on our earth.  Original hand drawn Australian designs are made by highly skilled artisans using both modern and traditional techniques and produced in a good working environment with good conditions. 

Remi Lane

The Remi Lane collection is ethically produced in Indonesia, choosing to produce from only two factories allows more control in overseeing the production. Producing high quality made to last fashion which is good for you and mother nature. Off cuts are recycled by local businesses to make mats and beds for rescue dogs.  Workers are paid above award wages and work in spacious, relaxed clean and safe working environment. 

Rue Stiic

From the beginning Rue Stiic has steered away from fast fashion creating timeless pieces that withstand fashion trends that come and go.  All garments are hand-crafted by a team in Bali and they endeavor to work with sustainable suppliers.  Being proud advocates of ethical fashion, they ensure their workers enjoy normal working hours with many benefits including an above average pay.  Rue Stiic factories are safe, well lit and ventilated giving workers a comfortable working environment.  Respecting their workers culture, they happily support holidays for cultural events. 


Sancia leather goods are made by a very small team of talented craftsman and the handcrafted nature of their bags allows them to work closely with that team, having a positive impact on the community in providing a sustainable income each year and creating new jobs. Truly handcrafted/handmade with 80% of production using hand skills.  Sancia prides itself on not working with any synthetic fabrics as well as being plastic free.  The beautiful, natural fabrics Sancia selects are environmentally sustainable and renewable.  Tencel has become a core fabric for Sancia, wearing and washing beautifully it is arguably the eco-friendliest fibres on the market.

Thatch & Catcher

Beautiful fabrics, timeless prints and ethical production are paramount to Australian designer  Thatch & Catchers values.  In a world of fast fashion and throwaway trends, Thatch & Catcher aims to offer classic styles that flatter the female silhouette.  Slow fashion at its finest.  

The Bare Road

The Bare Road is dedicated to small scale production helping eliminate environmental impact and is produced by local villages in Bali and China using hand-dying and hand printing. They regularly visit the manufacturing team to ensure they are treated fairly and paid above minimum wage in a safe working environment. Shipments are sea-freighted to Australia to reduce the carbon footprint of air-freight.  Fabric off-cuts are given to the workers and recycled in the form of traditional clothes for the local village.


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