• Organic Baby & Children's Clothing in Australia

  • Soft Comfort for your precious little one's now, Caring for their future.


Organic Baby & Children's Clothing in Australia

Soft Comfort for your precious little one's now, Caring for their future.

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Jessie Sue Junior - Organic Baby & Children's Clothing

Jessie Sue Junior is a division of Jessie Sue an online Australian designed fashion boutique based in Australia - We are bringing together a collection of organic baby and children's clothes from a platform of Australian designers that care for your children and our planet.  We are committed to sourcing organic products that are in line with our personal values and beliefs of being produced ethically and in a way that is safe for your little one's and sustainable for our environment. You and your family are our priority and we take pride in our simple experience from placing your order to it's safe arrival, to your baby and child's first wear.  We have only just taken our first steps, stay in touch and watch us grow, subscribe to our newsletter to hear of new arrivals, and interesting blogs.

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We Give back you choose where it goes

Jessie Sue giving back to empower at risk young mums

Empower at-risk Young Mums

Bump is a six month mentoring and education program in Australia empowering young mothers to break the cyle of disadvantage and build their skills and confidence to thrive, both as parents and individuals.


Prevent Women from Dying

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia.  1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime, and 8 Australian women lose their life every day. 

Our Donation
Keep Girls in School in Zimbabwe Jessie Sue Online Boutique Giving Back

Keep Girls in School

Millions of girls in developing countries like Zimbabwe miss up to 20% of the school year or completely drop out simply because they can't afford menstrual hygiene products.



Luxurious Comfort, Naturally Safe

When you want the best for your littles ones, Certified organic cotton is the answer.  Organic cotton is a breath of fresh air for every baby and child, the purity of organic cotton is that it isn’t treated with toxic chemical found in most cottons that are treated for anti-static and the like, chemicals that remain on the fabric even after many washes.  From the time your newborn arrives and before, you have already considered providing the best environment for your baby’s care, so take care to ensure you know what lies next to their sensitive skin.  Look for the GOTS certification, The Global Organic Textile Standard is the governing body that ensures your littles one’s clothes are really organic and have undergone strict compliance to ensure they are safe.

Organic cotton is letting nature do it’s best, without any chemical interference, from once the seed is sown, to the beautiful finished product that will provide luxurious comfort for babies and children and reassurance for you knowing your baby is safe from harmful chemicals.  Your organic baby and children’s clothes will last longer, organic cotton stays strong without chemical alterations providing exceptional value and clothes that will look as good when handed down.  Children are our future, and what you dress them in now will reap rewards for their future, choosing organic cotton is protecting our environment and leaving them a healthier world.