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We’re forever looking toward change and improvement.

Jessie Sue is an online Australian designed fashion boutique based in Australia –  A platform of Australian designers and working toward becoming an online sustainable fashion boutique. Going forward will only be stocking labels who are doing their part to be sustainable and ethical and reduce the impact in our environment.

Sustainable development is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. We can all make efforts (no matter how small the initiative) to secure the future for upcoming generations.

The fashion industry is not a sustainable one but lets face it we need to have a little fun in this mad world. Below is our mark and mission of what we are doing here at Jessie sue to reduce the impact in our environment.                                                                                  


We have an eco friendly approach to running our business –  Garments are sent Free Express Shipping in Australia in any original brands packaging they’re received in, wrapped in recycled tissue paper with love and care and our business cards/thank you cards are printed on recycled card.  Murkani Jewellery is sent direct from Murkani with Free Standard Shipping in Australia. For more info on shipping see our shipping & returns page. 

We will choose brands that bring out less collections per year and produce quality over quantity. We’re dedicated to smaller scale production that helps eliminate environmental impact. We will not chose every piece from every collection but pieces we believe are timeless and will transcend through seasons, wardrobe staples that will stand the test of time.

Jessie Sue is dedicated to choosing eco friendly fabrics. Organic cotton – is more environmentally friendly as the crops are grown without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers. Linen (a personal favourite of mine) – is super hardy and wears and washes incredibly well (only gets stronger), made from the stem of the flax plant (which requires way less water to grow). It’s an organic fabric and entirely biodegradable. Hemp (linen’s older brother) – which is also 100% naturally biodegradable and the hemp plant doesn’t consume nearly as much water as cotton. The plant also helps reduce and remove toxic materials in our soil, what a magic little guy! Tencel – also made from plant materials and as a naturally derived fibre is also biodegradable.   

Fair and ethical working conditions are a priority. We’re supporting Australian designed fashion brands that have really close relationships with their workers. Where regular visits to the manufacturing team takes place and workers are treated fairly and paid over minimum wages and workings conditions are fair and safe. For more info on our brands ethics see our ethics page.

Giving back. Jessie Sue has partnered with i=change in order to donate $1 from every transaction to one of three incredible charities focused on empowering women and girls. For more info on the charities we support see our giving page.

Our online Australian designed fashion store is open 24/7. We are committed to sourcing products that are in line with our personal values and beliefs of being produced ethically and in a way that is sustainable in our environment. You’re our priority and we take pride in our simple experience from placing your order to its safe arrival, to your first wear.  If you have any questions, suggestions, issues our concerns message me personally  info@jessiesue.com.au 

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Sustainable fashion also comes down to you, the fashion wearer. In a world of over consumption we can all make conscious fashion choices towards improvement and you can build a green zero waste wardrobe.

It’s a constant learning experience (for myself included). Let’s make the latest trend ‘sustainable fashion’ and minimising our impact on our beautiful home planet.



Online Fashion Boutique in Australia online sustainable fashion boutique womens eco friendly fashion womens sustainable clothing online free express shipping sustainable fashion brands worldwide shipping afterpay