Slow Fashion : The Latest Fashion Trend that's here to stay!

If your exhausted trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends and the bank balance is poor from making impulsive shopping decisions on poor quality clothing, you're going to love this years new trend!

Latest fashion trend slow fashionSavy online boutiques are moving with the flow and focusing on quality over quantity and bringing you a different shopping experience with styles that will outlast the season.  Staples that are not trend driven and form part of a greater wardrobe experience.  Clothes that have been designed with ethics and sustainability at the forefront, but first let's take a look at history and how fast fashion has consumed us.

What is Fast Fashion?

In one word cheap, mass produced, poorly made, trending designs with the concept in mind that they will be out of vogue next time you go to put it on.  As the season passes, it has gone from the model on the catwalk, into mass market retailers, seen on many for a matter of weeks, then price slashed on sale (which is afforded by cheap labor costs) and then into landfill because this fashion is not made to last.  Creating these trend driven concepts to make you spend more.

What's more alarming than hurting your purse is the damage being caused to our beautiful world.  Clothing made from cheaper fabrics like polyester, nylon and acrylic can last a century in landfill.  At the essence of cheap clothes will be the underpaid workers, those subjected to poor working conditions, and this is not something to feel good about.

Slow Fashion - A new trend with staying power

So we know what's not to llike about fast fashion, but it's hard not to get caught up in the hype of the latest seasons new trends.  Slow fashion is not time based it is being mindful, not impulsive.  It's ignoring the fast fashion hype about trends and focusing on you , what you like, what you feel comfortable in and what you need to compliment your wardrobe.  It's not being caught up in the continual advertising that we are subjected to with "Buy Now 70% off", it's taking a step back and thinking about making a wise financial investment in your wardrobe, which will reward you with a timeless style and quality made clothing that will last.

Slow fashion is about the whole concept from the design, to the manufacturing into your wardrobe and the ethics and sustainability of the process, a feel good experience for you and your wardrobe.  Slow fashion is unravelling this process taking insight into our environment, raw materials being used and looking after the human spirit, it's about doing all of these things better.

The benefit of doing things differently - Providing clothes that will capture our hearts long term, durable quality products that will last and reward us for many seasons to come.

Slow fashion looking after our environment


Slow fashion embraces a conscious choice to shop mindfully, focusing on quality not quantity, focusing on designs that we can wear long-term helping reduce waste.  As part of this soulful experience it also embraces the ethics of how the product is made and the sustainable effect it has on our environment.  To differentiate between the two this is a simple description of how ethical and sustainable fashion have been defined:


Ethical fashion is often concerned with human and animal rights.  As it relates to humans, ethical fashion applies to working conditions, fair wages and treatment, and no child labor.


Sustainable fashion is often concerned with the environmental impact.  Opting for fibers and materials that are organic, reycycled, or repurposed, limiting harmful chemicals/dyes, reducing energy/water usage and waste, and overall choosing low-impact options wherever possible.

Do you care?

If you care enough to make the change, be the difference, then we have a few simple ideas to help you put your dollars into clothing that will give you an inner glow of doing the right thing.

  • Avoid fast fashion stores - if stores are advertising 100 new styles every day, that's 36,500 new styles every year! Consider smaller brands and boutiques that offer limited runs and focus on fewer staple items each year.
  •  Don't be impulsive, be mindful of what you need to compliment your wardrobe and fill in gaps.  Consider secondhand or vintage.
  •  Set a wardrobe investment budget for the year, set out your intended purchase dates in your calendar and stick to it.  Shop less often.
  •  Don't head straight to the checkout, take time to learn about where your shopping, look for brands that are transparent in their process.  If there isn't a page on ethics and sustainability chances are they don't care.
  •  Look for brands and boutiques focused on bringing you timeless designs and transcending styles as opposed to seasonable trends that will be out of fashion next season.
  •  Take a closer look at your fabric choices, there are so many beautiful fabrics that are good for our environment, look for boutiques promoting clothing made from sustainable fabrics.
  •  Search for ethical & sustainable products

Be mindful of designers, brands and boutiques that have started on their slow fashion journey, it's not something that can be accomplished totally overnight, just as long as the journey has begun.

jessie sue online slow fashion boutique

"Slow fashion is also about returning to a personal relationship with fashion.  One where trends and seasons don't matter, but where your ethcis and aesthetics seamlessly unite, and you can escape the stress of constant consumption, focusing on the style that truly appeals to you"   Emilia Wik, Head Designer at BYEM

Slow Fashion  it's a concept that in the future is set to become the only thing trending.  It's a change that has to be embraced by designers, buyers, retailers and more importantly you, because unless the consumer changes there will always be a fast fashion option.  It's a challenge nonetheless, especially if you have a wardrobe full of fast fashion clothes already deteriorating in quality and wearability.


 Slow Fashion - a simple choice

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