Kickstart Your Day - The Best Morning Routine

Guest Author - Dave Edward 

The Best Morning Routine


What one thing do most successful people have in common? 

Whenever you read about, or listen to successful people they all do the same thing which sets them up for the day, they have a routine.  A lot of people think of a morning routine being getting up, showering, having breakfast and going to work.  Whilst this is a routine, it’s not one which sets you up for what the day has in store for you.

Winning morning routines consist of some or all of these, depending on what works best for you, whichever you do, you must do it before anything else, especially social media and news which tends to put the mind in a flight or fight mode.  It’s about being as relaxed and focussed as possible so you are in control of your day as opposed to getting through the day in a reactive state.

Meditation –

Long gone are the days of having to sit cross legged chanting, with free Apps such as ‘Insight Timer’ & ‘1 Giant Mind’ available you can learn how to meditate, enjoy guided meditations encouraging you to practice gratefulness, to visualise so you can clear your mind in readiness for this new day.  They can be from 10 minutes to as long as you want or have time for in your morning routine. 

Reading –

There are so many personal development, self- improvement and inspirational books available today, whether you choose a book, kindle or audio book is not important, I tend to do most of my audio reading whilst either driving or walking as it’s free time to learn and be inspired.  I listen to a whole diverse mix from ‘The Resilience Project’, ‘You Are Badass’, ‘Unleash the Power Within’ to ‘Can’t Hurt Me’.  It really is personal and depends what you are looking for, is it education or inspiration?  Someone’s personal battles which helped them become the person they are and achieve the success they have?

Yoga - 

Morning Yoga Routine
This is long known to be a calming way to start your day by preparing your body and clearing your mind.  You might just do the cobra or an entire routine, the critical thing is doing something.

The Cobra Pose stretches and strengths the spine.  

  • Place your hands palms down on the ground beneath your shoulders.
  • Press your hands to the floor and lift your chest and shoulders upwards  by straightening your arms.
  • Fix your gaze upwards and engage your abdominals.

Exercise –

Exercising is a fantastic way to start your day for so many reasons.  If you want to burn some extra calories, exercising in the morning before eating causes the body to use it’s energy reserves to power you, these reserves come from fat.  It wakes the whole body up by releasing endorphins and you will notice how much more alive and ready to take on the day you feel when doing this as a regular routine. 

morning exercise routine

Mantras or visualistations –

These are great ways of you seeing how you are going to feel today, confident, in control, sociable.  Whatever state you want to feel that day, visualise yourself just like that.  As you meditate you can just say the mantra ‘I AM’ or could follow this mantra with how you want to feel ‘I am confident’ ‘I am loved’  I sometimes do this whilst I’m swimming to stop me thinking too much about remembering to breath to help me relax.  When you say a mantra, you can either say these out loud or in your head, visualise how you would look if you were confident, how you’d stand and walk.  Try to see the person you want to become.

The key is to work out how long you want to spend doing these each routine and set your alarm that much earlier. Ease yourself in gently with a 10 minute morning meditation, once you notice how much lighter and alert you feel, add the next step and so on as your routine evolves.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, It’s how we use those hours that counts.

Dave Edward is a Perth based Mindset + Business coach, if you’d like to find out how he can help you, just give him a call 0449 622267

Jessie Sue would like to thank Dave Edward for sharing this inspiring morning routine, which I'm sure will see us all off to a great start in 2021