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Murkani Endless Bangle - Blog on co-ordinating fashoin and jewels

Every outfit has a soul mate, a piece of jewellery that completes it and we have found our soul sister MURKANI.  Bringing together a collection of Australian boho luxe jewellery, created in mirror image to our passion and inspiration here at Jessie Sue, you won't have to look far for fashion and jewellery that compliment each other.  Yet still there is an art of perfectly pairing your jewellery and wardrobe collection.         

We're going to share some tips for making some informed choices when collaborating your jewels and fashion in style, it's all in the detail.  This is a guide if you're looking for some inspiration on looking effortlessly stylish, but never loose sight that your jewellery should reflect who you are without compromise.

First we have something to learn about working with our features, making the most out of what nature has given us, even before we start to get dressed.  Most of us are drawn to one metal, a lot of times we do it unconsciously, we just prefer silver to gold or vice versa, perhaps unknowingly we have a deeper understanding of our own skin.  Your skin tone can have a lot to do with how your jewellery shines, and we shouldn't try and fight what nature has got right. Skin tones have been defined into three types and one simple way to check yours is to  turnover your wrists in a brightly lit room. 

  • Cool undertones - means your skin has hints of pink, red or blue, if your veins are blue/purple you're a cool one, and you will be drawn to white metals, such beauties as white gold, platinum and silver.  Your go to gems will be brightly coloured in hues of purple, blue or emerald green.
  • Warm undertones - are made up of peachy, yellow or golden tones, if your veins are green you're a warm one - yellow metals are your go to, indulge in yellow or rose gold, brass or copper.  Earthy gemstones in brown, red, yellow, orange and olive green will make you sparkle because of their yellow earthy undertones.
  • Neutral skin tone - if you have no definite colour either way and your veins appear colourless or match the colour of your skin you are considered a neutral, just like sitting on the fence, but the beauty is here you can fall either way.  You can look effortlessly gorgeous in any combination of metals and gems.   You're a lucky one!

Now that we know what metals and gems work with our skin tone, next we have to consider our facial features, and how we use our jewellery to draw gazes and frame our face.  Take a deeper look at the shape of your face and use the chart below to see which jewellery pieces will work with your shape and bring out the best of your features, so all eyes are on you.  

matching your jewellery to shape of your face

Oval Face - as you naturally have a long face try to avoid jewellery that will accentuate this, such as long dangling earrings, work with stud earrings and shorter necklaces that highlight your cheek bones to offer some balance.

Round Face - here you want to avoid jewellery that is going to make your face look wider, go for narrow shaped earrings and necklaces that draw the eye length ways, such as V shaped.

Square Face - you will be wanting to soften the look of that strong jawline which can be done with curves and flowing shapes.  You can add length to your look, hoop earrings work well and a mid-length necklace with a pendant.

Rectangular (Oblong) Face - we are wanting to add an illusion of width and a great choice for you is a choker necklace.  Avoid hoop earrings, but instead settle for something with a soft shape to it.

Triangular Face - A princess length necklace will draw the focus away from the jawline.  Hoop earrings are you go to and you can go longer with the ears, but keep the shape curved to soften the look.

Heart-Shaped Face - To flatter the jawline and add some balance you should look to wide earrings and short necklaces.  Triangular earrings work well along with bold large danglers.

Murkani Riviera Double Pearl Ring - Blog Pairing Fashion & JewelleryThe Jewels

 Diamonds - are forever, and will always be our best friend, they are in a class of their own when it comes to style. Diamonds don't just come out at night, you can be stylish throughout the day in diamond earrings that will compliment most outfits. Whether your adding sparkle to your favourite denim or elegance to a beautiful cocktail dress, you can make no wrong moves here.  Diamonds look exceptional against black or darker coloured evening dresses such as our MLM Lablel Fleetwood Silk Dress.

Pearls -  as a staple of any woman's jewellery collection delicate pearl earrings will always be in vouge. but the modern take on this jewel has given us some beautiful danglers like the Petites Small Hoop Pearl Drop Earrings by Murkani.  Nature's most stunning treasure, pearls can be styled endlessly with colours from the deep, aqua blues, deep ocean blues and greens, to stormy greys.

Black Spinel - a gemstone with a lot of punch, this treasure is valued amongst healers worldwide, it is said to repel negativity and bring balance to our lives. Black Spinel is made of magnesium aluminum oxide or magnesium aluminate, a clever little gem with a lot of class.  This gem sits beautifully in a rose gold necklace, see our Andalusia Necklace by Murkani.

For Emeralds, Rubies and all other colourful gems we should look to the colour wheel for inspiration in pairing these stones with our wardrobe.

So now we are ready to work the outfit:


Colour Wheel to match your fashion and jewellery

The colour wheel reflects how colours relate to each other and you can use the wheel when pairing your fashion and jewels to draw on proven colour combinations with some key approaches. 

Complementary colours are those that appear on the opposite side of the wheel offering high contrast and lots of vibe, so opposites do attract, such as emeralds back dropped against a red summer dress or sapphires against an orange shirt. 

Analogous colours are those that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, these will work well if your looking for a bit more subtlety, providing harmony without looking too silimar. So if your stepping out in the Rue Stiic Terracotta Shirt Dress, an amiable gem choice would be orange amber.

Analogous colours are all around us in nature in our blue skies and green fields, and natures hues can guide us when pairing jewels against soft neutral fabrics, choosing gems such as sapphires and emeralds.

Black and White - can be dressed up in gorgeous fiery stones such as rubies, amber gems and diamonds for a simple and elegant look.


When we talk of style and matching our jewellery, we are concerned with those parts of the outfit which will have an impact on what we wear.  Necklines are an important statement in any outfit and when matching necklaces you need to work with it.

Make sure your necklace is sitting above the neckline or falling down over it as anything that sits level will be distracting and neither will have attention.

  • Classic V - has options, you can choose to follow down the line with a single long necklace and pendant, or layering necklaces will also work well.  When wearing a neckline with a shorter V a choker or shorter necklace will compliment the outfit.
  • High Necklines - you can skip the necklace for turtle necks and high crew necks and go with something special for the ears such as small hoops or studs to avoid getting caught in the fabric.  If you do want to go with a necklace choose something that has some length.  
  • Strapless - nothing adds sparkle to a strapless dress or top as a chunky choker, sitting snug around your neck.
Rue Stiic Carla Pebbles Dress Pairing Jewellery and Fashion
Second to the neckline are the sleeves and how much skin is showing.  Short sleeve shirts, tanks and sleeveless dresses such as the Rue Stiic Carla Pebbles Dress, you should be looking to adding some wrist interest at the end of all that exposed skin.
Subtle chains or layered bangles like the Murkani Endless Bangle (set of 3) or a solid Bangle, such as the Murkani Journey Bangle will add some simple glitz. 
            Murkani Journey Bangle - pairing Jewellery and FashionMurkani Endless Bangle Set of 3 - Pairing Jewelley and Fashion   

Rolled up cuffs, can also be trimmed nicely with a bracelet.  When going sleeveless you can afford to wear those big cuff bracelets.   

Keep it simple where your sleeves extend down past your elbows, or skip the bangle altogether.  Long sleeves, will have you covered up and this is the time to draw some attention to those beautiful fingers, working with rings of different thickness and shapes can make interesting detail and a bold statement.

It's not a competition, your jewellery should compliment your outfit not compete with it.  If the focus is on what your wearing work with it, if you have an off the shoulder top with ruffles let it be and skip the necklace, you can look to add style with earrings and bangles.  Bold patterns are also an outfit statement and you should keep the jewellery simple and wear less showy pieces.  In opposite to this bring on the jewels for simple styles that can be transformed with the right jewellery.

Murkani Sahara Dagger Choker NecklaceBold jewellery pieces such as chunky necklaces, large chandelier earrings need to be worn individually and if your wearing either of these it's best not to be wearing other jewellery to avoid looking overdone.

Layering jewellery can work well if you don't over do it, try creating balance and allowing space between pieces so they are not easily tangled.  Try a combination of different widths, such as a mix of chunky and delicate styles and there's nothing wrong with throwing in a mix of metals.

Murkani jewellery is designed in collections from the same inspiration, with pieces that naturally lend themselves to being layered like the Sahara Dagger Choker and Sahara Medallion Necklace both in sterling silver.

The Occasion

We all have every day jewellery, you get up and it goes on just like other old habits, or maybe it stayed with you through the night, these are our sentimental pieces, wedding rings, pieces passed down through the family or just a special gift from a very special someone and these should be cherished.

Work:  So we're up and out the door, heading to work along with everyone else, what your wear, including your jewellery is the chance to display a little individualism.  Some workplaces may be a little conservative, but you can still wear elegant jewellery in classic styles.  Keep it simple at work with subtle pieces, stud earrings, classic small hoops, small neckline pendants, nothing to lavish you don't want the boss to think your getting paid too much.  The more casual your workplace, you can work with more pieces that reflect your personality, small dangling earrings, larger hoops, larger necklaces or pendants, or perhaps some ring stacks, but avoid too much glitz.  Ban the Bangles, they are not a good choice for the office or many other work places, they are a nightmare if your using a keyboard and they can be noisy and distracting for other workers. 

Rest:  The weekend is time to relax, let your hair down and be creative in your own style.  Whether your heading to the markets, catching up with friends for lunch or the movies, still take the time to add a bit of sparkle to your style.  Beaded bracelets are a great weekend choice.

Play:  Use your jewellery to your advantage, accentuate your features by framing your face using the chart above.  Don't load up with everything, just a few simple pieces to highlight your assets, a delicate necklace will draw focus to your neckline, and the same with simple bracelets and rings drawing attention to your hands.  If you are working your jewellery to catch the eye, it's wise to focus on one of your best features, either neck, ears, hands and to do that well, rather than be distracting with too much on the go.

Play Hard:  The more formal the occasion the more we can bring out the big guns, those extravagant pieces you brought just for this occasion.  When it's time to get your best dress on you should follow through with elegant jewels.  Don't forget if your dress is the statement you should opt for elegant but simple jewellery, don't over do it, just let one thing become the showstopper.  

So there it is a simple guide to pairing your fashion and jewels, but don't take life too seriously, rules were always made to be broken.

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