Clothes Swap: Trade-in your wardrobe for something new!

trade in your olc clothes for new


Update 28/6/2020 : We are suspending our Preloved Collection for now.  We hope that demand for Preloved will grow as we change for the better, when it does we will be there!

Fashion can be like a relationship gone bad, your first wear was great and things felt really special. A month later and it doesn't quite feel the same and your beginning to wonder if this really is a good fit.  You start to see less of each other as it disappears into the wardrobe void where it remains until a spring cleanout.  Whilst we can't trade in your ex, you can trade in you're wardrobe mistakes for something new.  Jessie Sue is an online Australian boutique selling quality Australian designed women's fashion and has developed an innovative way to trade in your unwanted quality fashion on something new, and at the same time giving that wardrobe piece a chance at new love.


 Born out of Jessie Sue's passion for slow fashion, making a contribution to limiting the amount of clothes going into landfill.


trade in your clothes for something new














  • Jessie Sue will list your item for sale on their website in a "pre-loved collection.
  • You decide on the price.
  • Jessie Sue will pay Express postage in Australia, via a pre-paid label for you to send your item to it's new home.
  • Once the buyer has received their order you will receive credit for the full price value.
  • Your credit code has no expiry date.
  • Plus you still get Free Express Shipping on your new purchase.


It can't get any easier than that, or can it?  You can actually choose to opt for a swap credit instead of a trade-in credit which you can use to buy someone else's pre-loved item instead of something new.  Swap credits don't come with Free Postage to buyers so your credit note will be reduced for the postage cost.

Quality is everything at Jessie Sue and our pre-loved collection will not be any different.  We won't accept any listing for cheap fast fashion, we are here to help you find a new home for quality designed fashion only.  We don't intend to complicate things by listing the good and the bad brand names of fashion, but ask you to consider these questions before submitting your listing for approval.

  1. Does it still have a new look appeal?
  2. Is it in good order, no marks, split seams, missing buttons etc?
  3. Is it a reputable designer brand?
  4. Would I be impressed if I was receiving this?
  5. Is it a reasonable price in comparison to what you paid and how many wears?

trade in your old clothes for new


O.K so that being done you just need to upload a couple of images and a product description and it's out of your wardrobe and online for everyone to see.  You will need to become a Jessie Sue Crew member to have access to trade-ins or swaps, so we have your name and associated email for communicating between buyers and sellers,  simply enter your email details below.  

Jessie Sue Crew members are limited to listing one pre-loved item at any one time, once sold we will accept another listing.  If your listing hasn't sold within a month, you can re-submit another item to replace it if you like.  you will find the links below for your next step.



Sign up to join the crew and become eligible to start listing, simply enter your details below.
Head to our home page to learn more about Jessie Sue


Our top website pick this month is, they are the world's first ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury, not just about fashion you will find a wealth of information and inspiration on everything from travel, living, beauty and recipes.

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