7 Steps to a Tidy Wardrobe

Sorting out your wardrobe messy clothesIf your looking for something practical and fulfilling to do with your time at home, consider sorting your wardrobe. It's not a task to be performed lightly, and requires some planning.  We've put together 7 tips to make this FUN and very a rewarding experience.

This is not a job that can be done on a whim, or in parts, you need to plan, put aside 2-4 hours depending on the size of your wardrobe that you know will be free of interruptions, send the man to golf, and the kids to mum's, however you do it  get some me time.  Fuel up, get yourself some snacks and a drink, especially if you eat in times of stress.

Step 1 - Get it all together

And I mean everything, there is no point doing things by half (so if half of your clothes are in the washing basket forget it!).  Take yourself and all your clothes, shoes, and accessories into the biggest room in the house, put on your favourite playlist, take a deep breath and let's begin.

But before we start, there's a wardrobe in need of a clean,  return to your bedroom, vacuum and duster in hand and give it a spring clean ready to be revived.

Step 2 - Go with the Vibe!

We're going to work through the pile, searching for those pieces that still have the vibe and a special place in your heart.  If you want to get creative draw a heart on a piece of paper and put all these treasures in this pile.

What will be left are those pieces you didn't even remember you had or you no longer have any use for.  Go with the rule if you haven't worn it for a year DITCH IT!  Don't hold onto clothes that you don't feel good in, even if they were a good buy, it's amazing how our outlook can change when we wear clothes that we feel confident in.

Step 3 - Good by to old friends

donating clothes after sorting out your wardrobeIt's hard to say goodbye, but it's time to move on and you need to be thoughtful as to what you are going to do with these clothes that once dressed you well.  Please don't put them into landfill there are so many options now for doing the right thing.   If you have preloved quality designer clothes you should look at selling them and recouping some funds to pay for their replacement, put these aside for listing them for sale another day.  You may like to list them for sale here at Jessie Sue, you can find out more on our preloved info page.

Other items, that are not designer can still hold value and you should look at taking them to your local markets to make some cash yourself or look to donate these to your local charities to help them.  Bag these up now and get them out of sight, put them in the spare room or garage ready to take to the markets or op shop another day.  There will no doubt be those few things that are marked, damaged that you would not want to pass on these can still be recycled at some charities that accept clothing in poor condition as they are able to sell it to companies that recycle them for industrial rags and other textile by products. Or you may find a local mechanic that is in need for extra rags.

Step 4 - What a girl wants

Now for the fun bit, head back to the bedroom, let's celebrate what we love an put it all together with a new connection.  Every wardrobe is different, close your eyes and think about what your dream wardrobe looks like, what do you want it to do for you when you open the door?  Some ideas you may want to use: 

  • What to wear?  We all know that feeling as you look aimlessly around the wardrobe for inspiration.  Maybe your'e an occasions girl, split your wardrobe into 9-5, weekend casuals, party pieces, bbqs/Sunday brunch, special occasions, beach wear, date nights etc.
  • Colours? Is colour co-ordinates your thing, maybe you would like to see all whites, blacks, prints together.
  • Mix and Match?  Do you like to extend your wardrobe with a lot of mix and matches, have little pockets within your wardrobe for clothes that work well together.
  • Maybe your a Classic girl? All dresses together ranging from dark to light colours, all shirts, pants together in the same regimented format, it's what works for you
  • If you become unsure about any pieces, try them on and ask yourself if you see yourself wearing this in the next 3- 6months, if the answer is no, send it back to the donate pile.

Step 5 - Use Space Wisely

Now that you have a plan, as you start to return your keepers to their new home, think about using your space wisely.  Everything doesn't have to hang and in fact the less you have hanging the less clutter and easier it will be to find things quickly.  Save the hangers for your shirts, tailored pants, dresses and those special pieces and fold everything else.  You might need to make some wardrobe alterations if you don't have enough shelving, these can be brought relatively cheaply and you will be rewarded in the long run.

The other thing to consider is seasons, no point in having your summer staples taking up space when it's 5 degrees outside.  Place seasonal clothes safely away for when the weather changes.

Start with smaller items, working your way up to the bigger pieces, keeping your organisational goals in mind as you go.  Keep watch for any pieces that might be missing a button or in need of repair, take a small box for repair items, put it in the bottom of your wardrobe and diarise 30 minutes in the week to fix one thing.

Step 6 - Tweak the accessories

Now that we're looking good, we need to complete the look with our accessories.  Find space at the bottom of the wardrobe to match your shoes with your wardrobe layout.  If you have a few nice hats, place them with your special occasion clothes,  Scarfs can be easily hung over the rails next to different outfits or think about putting them on the inside of the wardrobe door on hooks.


Step 7 - Keep it Up

wardrobe organised after a clean up

Congratulations on creating your new wardrobe, enjoy the simplicity of being well organised and dressed to impress in a matter of seconds.  Keep with it, write something inspirational to hang in your wardrobe to remember to be thoughtful of what you have accomplished as your return each piece from the laundry.

Clearing out the old for the new is good for the soul.  With a clear view of what you have, you can easily identify any shortfalls and spend wisely on things you actually need.  When buying new, look for seasonless pieces that will give you value 365 days of the year.  A the same time you can feel good about finding new homes for your preloved ones and making a difference to our environment.

There are many reasons we struggle to clean out our wardrobe, maybe it's accepting that our lifestyle or body has changed, or regretting a bad buying decision and hoping that one day it will turn good.  Cleaning out these things can be a way of moving forward and accepting bad purchases as a mistake or learning to love our new lifestyle or shape whatever the reason it gives you the freedom to move on.

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